Support Resources

If you recognize these behaviors in you or someone else and are concerned that a problem exists, consult with a GameSense Advisor at any Massachusetts casino or parlor. Or call the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling Helpline: 800-426-1234.

Helping Others

If you suspect that someone you love or know is suffering from a gambling problem, it’s natural to want to help. Just remember that it’s up to the individual to seek help and being judgmental is not going to help at all.

It must be the player’s choice, and only when he or she is ready. What you can do is offer support by following the tips below:

  • Learn about help and support available before approaching the person.
  • Prepare examples of how the person’s gambling has had a negative impact on you and others.
  • Remember that the behavior is the problem, not the person.
  • Communicate using “I” messages without being judgmental (e.g., “When you do this, I feel…”)
  • Be supportive and offer resources if the person is open to getting help.